Dorota Wdowińska-Rozbicka

Dorota Wdowińska-Rozbicka

She has been running a culinary blog for nine years.

She writes about food and illustrates it with great photos. She has published press publications, a restaurant menu and co-wrote the book ‘Scent of Christmas’.

Privately, the mother of Lili and Henio and passionate about literature. She studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, but it was with the culinary and photographic industry that she decided to get involved professionally.

In the kitchen he likes to combine unusual flavors , although he admits that with growing experience, he appreciates the classics and simplicity of dishes more and more.

She actively supports social campaigns promoting Polish food.

On her blog you’ll find recipes for fast, healthy dishes.

There is a lot of dishes with groats, salads and salads and some sweets with our IamBIO products.

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